About the Artist

Suse Ellen Lowenstein

I was born the third of six children in Berlin, Germany. After several moves my family settled in Hamburg where I finished my primary education. From there I spent four years studying Fine Art and Textile Design also in Hamburg.

In the mid-sixties, I spent a year in Columbia, South America, where I had my first art exhibit. I then immigrated to the U.S. where I worked in textile design and a fine arts painter. Later I met and married my husband Peter. Our two sons, Alexander and Lucas, were born in New York.

Somewhere in the mid-70s painting became too flat for me and I decided to create three-dimensional work. It quickly became a passion for me producing monumental sculpture of the human figure. Some were of single figures while others were groupings of two or more.

On December 21, 1988 while coming home for the holidays our older son Alexander was murdered along with 258 others aboard Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. A total of 270 people lost their lives in that terrorist act, 259 aboard the jumbo jet and 11 on the ground. Alexander was 21 years young.

This event became the trigger in beginning my most ambitious work, DARK ELEGY which consists of 75 larger than life figures. It depicts the very moment in which these women learned of the death of their loved one(s) aboard that flight.

I consider DARK ELEGY my most important work to date and most likely for all time.

Suse Ellen Lowenstein

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